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About Us 

About Us

30+ years of shaping careers and lives

Our senior management have over 30 years joint experience in both white and white permanent and temporary recruitment and labour supply.

PETTIT Group HR are as adept at recruiting overseas as they are in the UK, with clients stretching as far as Australia, Philippines and New Zealand.

Our Strategy

Transforming lives through pushing recruiting boundaries

We recruit with an open mind, outside the box. With a number of placements being made in Australia, from the other side of the world, we are proving that in the globalised, connected world we find ourselves in, there really are no boundaries.

Our Values



From start to finish, our team members go discreetly about their work. 



With software development innovators within our company, we ensure swift and efficient recruitment



We class all of our clients as HR partners in ensuring they receive only the best candidates for their business.

Join Our Network

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